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First Greek Property Tax Payment DueToday

On : 15 October, 2015

By : Arsinoi Lainiotis

In : Greek Tax News

The Hellenic Ministry of Finance just issued property tax payment notices for all owners of Greek real property. This property tax, referred to in Greek as the “ENFIA (ΕΝΦΙΑ)” can be paid in up to five instalments.

Although invoices were issued with great delay just a few days ago, the first instalment payment is due by Friday, October 30, 2015.If any of the instalmentsare not paid by the designated deadline, interest will be levied.

Tax payment notices (including instalment information) were issued through the on-line portal system, TAXISNET. Taxpayers should not expect to receive any further notification regarding this tax liability through the mail or by any other means.

The good news is that you can review your Greek Tax status at any time and ensure that your payments have been recorded by visiting the Hellenic Ministry of FinanceTAXISNET portal on thewebsite at In order to access your tax records,you must enter your Greek Tax Number and log on with your username and password.

The Greek Property Tax Form (E-9) Explained

On : 01 October, 2015

By : Arsinoi Lainiotis

In : Greek Tax News

Real property interests (i.e. interests in land and/or buildings) owned in Greece must be registered with the Greek Tax Authorities by submitting an E9 PROPERTY DECLARATION FORM.

Each time a taxpayer’s property interests change an amended E9 form must be submitted to the Greek Tax Authorities. This includes when any property interest is sold, purchased, transferred, gifted or acquired by gift and when real property is inherited.

An amended E9 form must also be submitted by the taxpayer if the dimensions of his/her property have changed as a result of “property regularization” pursuant to the amnesty Law on “Unlawful Structures – Law no. 4178/13”.

It is imperative for all Greek taxpayers to ensure that their real property is correctly recorded with the Greek Tax Authorities since amending E-9 forms for past tax years entail significant penalties.