At Lainiotis Law LLC, we make it our business to handle our clients’ matters professionally, ethically and cost effectively. We believe that clients should fully understand and agree to the legal services which they will receive as well as the conditions under which those services will be provided by our firm.

Prior to agreeing to represent a client, we will make every effort to ascertain whether there is a conflict of interest or other circumstances which would prevent our firm from accepting a case.

We encourage prospective clients to schedule a consultation which gives potential clients the opportunity to discuss their needs and for us to determine how we can assist.

Before undertaking a case, we provide clients with a Letter of Engagement which explains the scope of legal services to be provided as well as the billing practices to be followed.

We offer a number of billing options such as:

Flat Fee for the Representation when the full scope/conclusion of the case can be determined before the representation begins.

Flat Fees based on a Fee Schedule for matters which could potentially involve a number of specific tasks and where the client is in the position to identify the potential tasks before the representation begins.

Hourly fees in accordance with actual time expended for cases which involve inquiries and other tasks the scope or conclusion of which cannot be accurately determined before the representation begins.

Contingency-based fees may also be agreed upon for certain cases.

We ask that clients provide a payment in advance upon signing the Engagement Letter. This retainer fee is set off against fees and disbursements which are detailed in subsequent invoices.